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The Internet is one of the technologies that can drive the poly of human progress and prosperity globally. Through interconnectedness, we can communicate quickly, disseminate and get the latest facts without distance barriers, and even interact and do work together without having to meet face to face.

Actually, the internet is nothing but a personal computer network. A personal computer network itself is a set of several devices such as computers & other electronic senses that are connected to each other. It’s just that the coverage of personal computer networks on the internet is very wide. It is so vast that it covers almost all countries in the world. Therefore, computer networks play a very crucial role in the development of technology and the lives of citizens in general.

How can multiple devices actually connect to each other? What kind of connectedness or type of personal computer network can be applied to? What is needed and how do I access or compile a computer network? Here are various presentations that can help us answer these various questions. Understanding Computer Networks

As previously explained, a computer network is a set of computer devices connected to each other. A computer network is a network contained in a location that is compiled from several personal computers along with other electronic devices that are interconnected to carry out data processing, news dissemination & data exchange (Chandra & Kosdiana, 2018).

The connection of several devices means that devices on the network can develop data & news with each other, both in the form of text, images, documents, as well as personal interactions such as chatting to sharing the use of implementation and hardware such as printers and scanners.

There are times when the computer device we are using is not connected to anywhere and we can only access a lot of data & news stored in computer storage media. Furthermore, we can use a special pheriperal in the computer device so that it can be connected to another computer. The pheriperal is then connected using a network cable in another computer so that the two computers can be connected to each other (peer to peer).

As technology evolves, the interdevice connection continues to evolve from just a connection between 2 devices, to multiple devices. There is even a special personal computer that has stronger computing power & dedicated to ensuring the connectedness of all computers running well & organized which is called a server computer.

The Internet is arguably one of the peaks based on the development of personal computer networks . But computer networks on a more miniature scale are still widely used. Especially if the computer’s personal network contains sensitive data that is not accessible to the public such as data & news of a company that must not be known to the public. The Internet itself can also be said to have changed as a different entity that has specific advantages and disparities according to the personal network of computers . Types of Computer Networks

From the previous presentation, we can conclude that there are various types of personal computer networks that have an incongruous network coverage or scale of networks. The various types of computer networks also have functions & purposes that are not synchronous as well. Here is a description of some types of computer networks. Local Area Network (LAN)

Local networks are wired or wireless (wireless) computer networks that connect personal computers with other devices in limited areas such as residences, schools, laboratories, university campuses, or office buildings (Kemdikbud Team, 2021). In essence, a local network or local area network has a small coverage or coverage.

All devices that have a connection in the network using the LAN network type can be connected to the center of a network that can contain all the data and news used by the network (Rahman, 2018). For example, news that is only expected by students of a school or facts that can only be accessed by employees of an office.

Devices or computers that are on the local network can only be accessed by other devices that are on the same network. Each device or computer connected to the local network will have a unique self-evidentiary (ID) that is out of sync with each other.

The unique identity on the network is claimed to be an IP address. For example, the IP address of a computer is In order to connect, other computer identities cannot have the same IP address, for example 192.168.1.two. This is because the IP address functions as an address for sending data from one device to another. Through an IP address, all personal computers can recognize the personal address of other computers so that they are able to send data on the intended personal computer.

In a LAN implementation, at least two different types of devices are required. One device is referred to as a server which is a specific computer to serve and organize all network connections between personal computers in its network. Other devices are claimed to be clients that are personal computers that are interconnected through the service & organization of personal computer servers. Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

The MAN network is a personal computer network that connects computers using other devices in a fairly large area that still covers the city (metropolitan). The MAN network is a combination of several on-premises networks. Simply put, the local network of workplace A is connected to the local network of workplace B which can be close or relatively far apart from each other. The coverage area covered on this network ranges from 10 to 50 Km.

The use of the MAN network includes a lot of locations that are not too far away, for example on campus networks, office areas, & integrated government locations. However, there are also company offices that are connected in factories or agencies and other buildings that are quite far apart but still within reach (Anand et al., 2019). Wide Area Network(WAN)

Wide Area Network is a personal computer network that has a very wide range of connections, even generally covering the area of a country. The network has the ability to support the creation of communication relationships between several devices that have remote pauses. Like MAN, this network also interconnects several small networks that are used as access providers for several network tools, both personal computers and other tools at the desired destination (Voronin & Davydov, 2017). Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)

Perhaps an internet connection connected to a device via cable is less common or drastically reduced in everyday life. This is related to the increasingly widespread use of WiFi that connects our devices using wireless or wireless networks.

The network used wireless technology or used frequencies to become a connection provider for personal computers to connect with each other which is considered a WLAN. WLAN utilizes radio waves as a transmission medium for sending and disseminating data (Kusriyanto & Putra, 2017). Computer Network Hardware

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