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High-quality States For Nurse Practitioners In 2022

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Written By: Darby Faubion BSN, RN

Are you a nurse practitioner or thinking about turning into one? Do you like where you stay, or are you open to moving to an area wherein nurse practitioners are wished?If so, you’ll be thinking, “What are the best states to be a nurse practitioner?”Factors along with earnings, task outlook, capability employment possibilities, and the extent to which an NP can exercise independently assist decide the exceptional kingdom to be a nurse practitioner.As you continue reading, you’ll locate the 25 fine states for nurse practitioners in 2022, find out their earning capacity, and the ten-12 months task outlook for every state.

Ranking Methodology – How We Ranked the Best States for Nurse Practitioners?

To rank the first-class states for nurse practitioners, our team targeted on 4 factors and assigned a percentage weight to each.Two of the most vital things individuals recall while deciding on a career are their capability profits and whether or not there is a great process outlook.Because of this, we assigned a complete of sixty percent to the common nurse practitioner earnings and the 10-yr nurse practitioner job outlook, thirty percentage each, for each of the top 25 states.Annual process openings were assigned a twenty percentage weight, as become the state’s nurse practitioner practice authority.

Factor Weightage Average NP Salary30% 10-Year NP Job Outlook 30% Annual NP Job Openings 20% NP Practice Authority20% Full 70% Reduced 30% Restricted zero%

Why Did We recall the Following Factors to Rank the Best States for Nurse Practitioners?

Average Nurse Practitioner Salary (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics):

One of the using factors in the back of a career desire is incomes potential, and having correct information is critical.Because of this, we chose to use the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics as a source to document salaries as we discuss the excellent states for nurse practitioners.The BLS is an unbiased corporation that collects and analyzes records and determines statistics utilized by the U.S. Department of Labor, nearby, kingdom, and federal groups, the general public, and Congress.

10-Year Nurse Practitioner Job Outlook (

A profession preference is one of the most critical decisions someone makes.Knowing the lengthy-term job outlook for your chosen career manner you could expect whether or not the profession is some thing you could assume for years yet to come and make an informed selection about pursuing it.Our group chose to use records from CareerOneStop to discover the expected employment outlook for nurse practitioners.

Annual Nurse Practitioner Job Openings (

We additionally chose to use CareerOneStop to locate the range of predicted annual task openings for nurse practitioners.Knowing the task outlook and capability for job openings will help you locate the satisfactory states for nurse practitioners.The variety of ability activity openings indexed inside the tables all through this newsletter is based on yearly new or replacement jobs that are projected to emerge as available.

Nurse Practitioner Practice Authority (American Association of Nurse Practitioners):

Nurse practitioners need to have a clear information of how kingdom legal guidelines have an effect on their proper to exercise.The American Association of Nurse Practitioners is the cross-to source for nurse practitioner data, including the quantity to which an NP has the authority to practice.Nurse practitioners are granted exercise authority on considered one of three degrees: restricted, decreased, and complete exercise authority.


(Based at the above-referred to rating technique, the following are the 25 Best States to paintings as a Nurse Practitioner in 2022.)

1.New York

Nurse practitioners inside the Empire State earn a mean of $126,440 a 12 months. The state anticipates an boom in NP jobs through forty one.28% or 1,640 jobs annually every of the subsequent ten years. Nurse practitioners in New York are confined to reduced exercise authority. The decreased exercise authority in New York stipulates all nurse practitioners need to have collaborative relationships with a physician and extra than three,600 hours of enjoy working towards as a licensed or certified nurse practitioner. Almost seventy percentage of the nurse practitioners in New York grew up and earned their degrees in the country then chose to remain there to paintings, which appears to aid the declaration that New York is one of the best states to be a nurse practitioner.

Average Salary 10-Year Job Outlook Annual Job Openings(New + Replacement) Practice Authority $126,440 41.28% 1,640 Reduced

2. Arizona

Arizona is most of the states wherein nurse practitioners experience full exercise authority. In the state, nurse practitioners might also very own or operate unbiased practices or work with other healthcare carriers without a collaborative agreement with a physician. NPs in Arizona earn more than $117,000 yearly. There are presently 3,068 certified nurse practitioners in Arizona, and an increase of fifty.ninety% in jobs is projected in the subsequent decade, with two hundred task openings expected each 12 months. The boom in numbers of nurse practitioners in the nation comes at a time whilst healthcare vendors are in excessive call for, specially in rural areas. Currently, 89% of Arizona’s nurse practitioners and seventy five% of number one care physicians paintings in urban areas, this means that carriers are wanted in rural, underserved regions.

Average Salary 10-Year Job Outlook Annual Job Openings(New + Replacement) Practice Authority $117,480 50.90% 2 hundred Full

3. Maryland

If you are considering turning into a nurse practitioner and live anywhere near Maryland, you could discover the perfect path at a number of the fine nurse practitioner programs within the united states, consisting of those atJohns Hopkins University,Salisbury University, and the University of Maryland. Nurse practitioners working in Maryland earn approximately $one hundred fifteen,240 yearly and feature full exercise authority. The right to exercise independently is one reason many nurse practitioners keep to stay inside the country after completing their diploma applications. The job outlook for NPs within the nation is promising, with a projected increase of 34.88% or 390 annually thru the following ten years. Offering high employment quotes and six-determine incomes to nurse practitioners, Maryland is virtually one of the fine states to be a nurse practitioner.

Average Salary 10-Year Job Outlook Annual Job Openings(New + Replacement) Practice Authority $115,240 34.88% 390 Full

four. Washington

Ranking extraordinarily in our list of exceptional states for nurse practitioners, Washington has a ten-12 months projected job increase of 28.54% boom looking ahead to as a minimum 480 new and replacement jobs annually and salaries averaging more than $126,000 every year for nurse practitioners. NPs within the kingdom revel in complete exercise authority, as nation regulation acknowledges “nurse practitioners arequalified to expect number one obligation and accountability for the care of sufferers.”

Washington’s population is complete of a various population of exceptionally knowledgeable people with considerable cultural and professional experiences in which nurse practitioners can turn out to be mounted in independent exercise. Although rural communities handiest make up little greater than nineteen percent of Washington country’s populace, the National Rural Health Association reviews healthcare in rural groups is still missing. Nurse practitioners in Washington discover themselves in a role to take gain of the projected growth in jobs and impact Washington citizens’ health and health by using offering offerings in these underserved groups.

Average Salary 10-Year Job Outlook Annual Job Openings(New + Replacement) Practice Authority $126,480 28.fifty four% 480 Full

five. Oregon

Oregon is domestic to greater than 6,000 nurse practitioners and is considered an top notch place for all of us pursuing a nursing career, mainly nurse practitioners. In the state, NPs have complete practice authority and earn nearly $119,000 according to year. The demand for healthcare providers in Oregon maintains to develop, particularly in rural communities wherein there’s pressure to recruit and retain certified healthcare service vendors. This is a fine for nurse practitioners practicing within the kingdom who can assume to see extra than two hundred jobs introduced every year for the following decade, increasing 31.ninety eight%.

Average Salary 10-Year Job Outlook Annual Job Openings(New + Replacement) Practice Authority $118,six hundred 31.98% 210 Full

6. California

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