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The definition of a network is a system that produces transmission media or communication media by connecting two or more devices (in this case a personal computer). Personal computer networks are said to be successfully connected if personal computers can exchange information, data or resources that they have with each other.

Personal computer networks at this time have become the main need for the people. To be able to communicate or other needs using the help of a personal computer network, two or more devices that will be connected to the network itself are needed as a result of producing a transmission medium or communication media. Network is: Definition of Network

As discussed above, a network is a connection that is created using the way of connecting 2 or more existing devices. Another definition according to a personal computer network is a collection of several communication terminals that are connected using several devices or computers.

Computer networks have the purpose of being a communication bridge between two parties so that they can connect and transmit data more perfectly & thoroughly. In the field of work, the internet network is needed considering the need for data transactions using a high level of accuracy. The use of the network is to be a medium of communication & digital relations

  • Personal computer networks are divided into several kinds, one type of network is according to geographical range. The following will mention several kinds of networks according to that geography.

The first is a LAN network or Local Area Network. This type of network has a relatively mini range, which is nir more according to 1 square km. Usually LAN networks are used for rooms or buildings that are not too large, such as schools, internet cafes or certain division rooms in an office.

The internet connection speed in this LAN network is approximately 10, 100 to 1000 MB per second. While the technology used is IEEE 802.3 Ethernet technology. With the existence of Ethernet technology, not a few also use wireless technology such as Wi-fi in LAN networks.

The second is MAN, what is the MAN network? The MAN network is short for Metropolitan Area Network with a larger coverage area so that it can reach one city and is equipped with a higher internet connection speed compared to the LAN network.

The range of the MAN connection is able to reach 10 to 50 km, that’s why the MAN network is used for the benefit of the city’s coverage internet connection. The MAN network is the dough of several LAN networks in order to have a wider area, therefore MAN only has one or 2 cables as a result of which the network design is simpler.

The last is the WAN network, which is the Wide Area Network, that is, the computer network uses the widest geographical coverage. WAN network coverage can reach the area of the country and even the continent. The purpose of using WAN as a network is to connect computer users who are in different countries.

  • After discussing the personal network of computers by geography, this will be explained the computer network according to the distribution of the origin of news or data.

The first personal computer network is a centralized network, which is a network consisting of personal user computers & server computers. On this network, the user’s computer functions as a mediator device to access and cook data or coverage that comes from according to the server computer.

In a centralized computer network, there is the term dumb computer or mute computer that does not have a sense of data processing, so it can only be used as an intermediary for information or data according to the server computer.

Next up is a distributed computer network. This personal computer network is formed from several centralized networks that are able to connect the user’s personal computer with a relatively large number of server computers. This merger of multiple user computers and servers creates an exclusive personal computer network, that is, a distributed computer personal network.

  • The next computer network is a personal computer network based on the transmission media used, namely wired networks & wireless networks.

A wired network is a computer network that uses cable as its transmission medium. The purpose of using cables on the network is to be a medium for connecting one personal computer using another computer to be able to access facts and data or connect a personal computer with the internet network.

In addition to wired networks, other personal computer networks are non-wired networks, namely networks that do not use cables as a connecting medium, but use electromagnetic waves.

Wireless networks are often used in relatively large areas because they do not require a cable connection for computers or devices to be connected to each other. The transmission medium used on non-wired networks is a wireless adapter.

  • The next computer network is a personal computer network based on the gait & relationship of computers in processing data. On this computer network consists according to the personal network of the server computer and the user’s computer network.

This computer network is divided as two, namely the personal network of user-server computers & peer-to-peer networks. A user-server computer network is a network consisting of a server computer & a user’s personal computer. This network generally consists of one personal server computer and several personal user computers.

The use of a personal server computer in the network is to be a provider of news or data that will be accessed by several personal computer users. User computers on this network do not have the ability to provide information, as a result of which they are only able to access and process the data generated according to the personal server computer.

The 2nd is a peer-to-peer computer network, which is a computer network that equalizes the position between personal server computers using the user’s personal computer. This personal computer network allows the personal server computer to be used as the user’s personal computer, as well as the opposite.

  • The last is the computer network of the topology. On this network, the connected computers are grouped based on their location. The layout on the network is a form or structure of the network, so the topology in question does not always refer to the actual physical layout of the network device.

The benefits and drawbacks in the network constitute

The technology obtained always has positive and negative sides, with the exception of personal computer networks. With the benefits & drawbacks of a personal computer network, it is necessary for users to use this technology wisely in sync using their respective needs.

Some of the benefits of networking are as a medium for sharing information, data and resources between one personal computer user and another user. With this network, computer users are not constrained by pauses & when.

Another benefit based on networking is being a medium that helps organize data better. For example, in the field of administrative work in a company. Administrators can use personal computer networks as a medium that helps them organize company data so that it is easier to use or store.

In addition, the network can also meet your entertainment needs. With a computer network connected to the internet, you can access a variety of entertainment content available in entertainment applications even through mobile phones.

Not only benefits, personal computer networks also have several disadvantages that must be known by users of computer devices and internet networks.

The first is the risk of data or news being exposed to viruses when shared from one computer using another personal computer as a result of which the computer network requires cyclical maintenance so that viruses or bugs can be noticed as early as possible.

To have a personal computer network, you must invest funds at the beginning to provide software, hardware, network design and network implementation.

The formation of a computer network must be done properly so that the data or coverage you store is maintained using conducive. if the personal computer network is done using it not well, then the risk of your network being attacked by hackers will be even greater.

Network user policy is one of the most crucial shortcomings in this technology. With the ability of the internet network to access various news, poly users are not responsible for accessing illegal content or facts. Keep visiting the Web App site and activate our site notification bell to always be able to notify the latest articles!

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