Types of Computer Networks complete with Their Benefits

The activity of spreading data over the internet has now been facilitated because of the existence of certain systems such as LAN and VPN which are types of personal computer networks.

Do you already know what a personal computer network is?

Simply put, a personal computer network is a formation of personal computer devices that are connected to each other to spread data.

This computer network has several devices, types, & also benefits.

For more complete news, let’s look at the following article to the end! Understanding Computer Networks

As previously explained, a computer network is a medium for distributing data according to one personal computer to another.

In the process of data distribution, of course, every personal computer network has an endpoint & requires an indication of an identifier.

Well, the indication of the identifier on this endpoint uses Media Access Control or better known as the IP Address.

Usually, the assignment of endpoints when a computer’s personal network distributes capable data to various other networks, for example, such as smartphones, servers, & hardware.

The creation of computer networks was originally due to an idea related to the use of a computer unit that could be operated jointly at one time.

The originators of the idea were researchers at Harvard University, United States in 1950.Benefits of Computer Networks

One of the benefits of personal computer networks used today is that it makes it easier for various parties to send data, both personally and in groups quickly & thoroughly, as a result of which minimizes the occurrence of errors

Here are still various other benefits of personal computer networks that you should know.1. Data Security

What you will obviously get according to the benefits of a personal computer network is security in sending data.

Using a computer network as a medium for sending data can be ensured better security because it is equipped with protection that can maintain the condition of the data being sent to the end point.2. Affordable Cost

Perhaps at first you need more costs in using a personal computer network.

However, for long-term use, of course, the money you spend is much less and moreover, the range of data transmission is not only limited by one region, even according to one country to another, you can use a personal computer network.3. Higher Reliability

The data sent certainly has a higher reliability because it is easy to access by the poly party.

Moreover, if the data has been stored at an endpoint, for example a server, then anyone who has access to the server can use it together.

Fortunately, the data that has been saved can also be copied back to other computer networks, using records that are still connected to the same server.

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As explained at the beginning, there are still many types of computer networks that are commonly used in everyday life, including:1. Local Area Network (LAN)

One type of personal computer network that is commonly found is the Local Area Network or LAN.

This network range tends to be mini & most often applied to several locations such as offices, schools, and residences.

If for example you at home use Wi-Fi access to obtain an internet network wirelessly, then the application of LAN is also a WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) because the internet coverage is only limited to the vicinity of the place of residence & the connection is also not so wide.2. Personal Area Network (PAN)

Almost the same for example LAN, the type of PAN personal computer network is also most often applied in office buildings as well as exclusive residences.

Usually, the use of PAN is only limited to standard needs such as providing an internet network only.3. Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

The coverage area that implements the MAN type of computer personal network is certainly more grand than PAN & LAN.

The use of MAN is dedicated to connecting one computer network to another on a city scale.

For example, the application of MAN to reach the cities of Jakarta, Bandung, & Bekasi.4. Campus Area Network (CAN)

As the name suggests, the type of CAN computer network is more specifically intended for the needs of academics at universities in order to support the learning process of their students, for example notification of classes in each course, practice in the laboratory to access e-mail to distribute news to the academic community.five. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Virtual Private Network is one based on the types of personal computer networks that are used when someone wants to access a site using a private network.

Usually, VPNs are used by some parties who want to protect their sites because they contain sensitive content, so a VPN is needed to disguise the existence of these sites on the internet.6. Wide Area Network (WAN)

Utilizing super advanced technology, a type of computer network called Wide Area Network provides profits in the form of very wide area coverage.

Not only can it be used in building areas or between cities, WAN is able to reach networks between countries to continents.

Of course, this is very helpful for poly people, especially business people in maintaining digital-based network connections without distance constraints.7. Internet

Interconnected Network (Internet) is a type of computer network that is a container of communication globally and connects between one computer using another personal computer.

The Internet makes it easier for users from all over the world to distribute news by relying on frequencies and signal transmission.

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If the types of computer networks above are the result according to the grouping of distances, then now is the time for you to get to know the types of computer networks according to their transmission. 1. Wireless Network

Wireless Network type as the latest type of computer network because it does not rely on cables to be a medium for transmitting information.

In Wireless Network, the data transmission process uses electromagnetic waves.two. Wired Network

Even though it is poly people who use the type of Wireless Network computer network, but Wired Network is still an option for some parties in data transmission needs.

In connecting one personal computer to another personal computer, Wired Network still needs a cable for its application. Computer Network Topology

Personal computer network topology is a way or method that connects several computers as one network. Here are examples.1. Bus Topology

The bus topology is the most poly applied computer network linking to various sectors of work. Why is that?

Because of the error one advantage of a personal computer network using a bus topology is an example that its installation tends to be easy & suitable for use in areas with a small size scale.

A special feature of the bus topology is that it is serialized using connecting between computers into a medium for transmitting data or information.  Star Topology

In the star topology network type, each personal computer is not connected to each other, but all of them have a path to the center, namely a switch whose position is in the middle of the computer-personal computer combination.

The function of the switch is to evenly divide the path of data distribution & coverage on each computer to the central server.three. Tree Topology

Tree topology has a more complex shape because of the combination of two types of networks, namely bus & star.

The shape of this tree topology is exactly a hierarchy and each switch has its own work in connecting to the server.

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In the application of personal computer networks, of course, there are still various devices needed so that access to data distribution & permanent facts is smooth.

The types of computer network devices are:

  • Computer Server (Is a crucial part because all processed data will be stored and processed in a personal server computer)
  • Router (Router function to divide the internet network & make data packet size settings to each interconnected access point)
  • LAN Card (The function according to the LAN Card is to change the type of data flow that was parallel to serial)
  • Switch (Smart version based on HUB, Switch serves as a network breaker to multiple clients using stable)
  • Access Point (The application is suitable for areas that are difficult to get frequency because it can neutralize the signal from wireless to client better)

Disadvantages of Computer Networks

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