Understanding Computer Networks and Their Benefits

Friends of IDwebhost, we often hear or use the word personal computer network. In everyday life in the digital era like this time, human needs for computerization are inevitable.

Computerization as the main need to support a wide variety of activities. Both exclusive activities are also business activities. Let’s find a deeper understanding of computer networks & their benefits for our lives. What Is A Computer Network?

A computer network is a system consisting of 2 or more computers that are connected to each other.

This network is connected through a transmission medium, so it can develop data from each other, applications also share personal computer hardware.

The term can also be interpreted as the formation of a number of communication terminals consisting of 2 or more interconnected personal computers.

The purpose of building a network between personal computers is so that the news / data carried by the sender (transmitter) can reach the receiver (receiver) using perfect & accurate.

The network on a computer allows its users to communicate with each other using ease.

In addition, the work of the network for computers is very necessary to integrate data between personal computers -personal computer clients as a result of which relevant data is obtained. Therefore as important on choosing the perfect personal server computer.

One of the crucial things in setting up a computer network is the selection of the perfect operating system. A Brief History of Networks & Computers

Since it was first discovered, the personal history of computers has spanned a long line. So do you use the network on a computer.

The history of personal computer networks dates back to the birth of the concept of networking in the 1940s in America which was initiated by a MODEL I computer development project in the Bell laboratory & Harvard University research group led by Professor Howard Aiken.

The project was initiated by the desire to utilize a computer device that can be used together.

This network can later work on several processes without wasting much when it is empty. So that a continuous process (Batch Processing) is made, so that some programs can be run on a computer with queue rules.

Then, when computers began to develop in the 1950s, supercomputers were invented. As a result, a personal computer is obliged to serve several available places (terminals).

For this reason, the concept of process distribution based on when known as TSS (Time Sharing System) was found. So for the first time the form of a personal computer network (network) was applied.

In TSS systems, several terminals will be connected in series to a computer or other device in a network (host) personal computer.

In the process of TSS began to be seen the formation of computer technology and other telecommunications technologies that initially developed singly. Benefits of Computer Networks

Some of you think have directly experienced the benefits based on a personal computer network , even when you access this article, you are taking advantage of the existence of a computer network.

So, what are the benefits of a computer network? The following are the benefits of a personal computer network that you must know:1. Connectivity

A personal computer network can help a person make other people’s herbs based on different countries using it easily. So connectivity between people in the world around the world.2. Data transfer efficiency

One of the benefits of personal computer networking is efficiency. Through this, you are able to carry out the process of sending data quickly & efficiently. The data you send is very conducive.3. Ease of access to news

You can access information or news very easily through the internet. Of course because the internet is one of the network implementation models.

4. Ease of deploying archives
With a network, you can access your files as well as other people’s files that have been disseminated through a network, such as the internet.

Some of them as known are archive transfer protocols and cloud storage. Two Types of Networks on a Computer

Basically every computer in the network has a function as a client & server. But there are networks that have devices that are specifically dedicated to being servers while others are clients.

There are also those who do not have a personal computer that specifically functions as a server only. For this reason, based on its benefits tissues are divided into two types:1. Client-server

The first is the client-server, which is a network between personal computers dedicated specifically to servers. A service can be provided by a personal computer or more.

An example is a domain such as www.dtk.com that is served by many web server computers. Or it can be a poly service / service provided by one personal computer.

An example is a jtk.polban.ac.id server which is a computer using multiple services, namely mail servers, web servers, archive servers, database servers and others.2. Peer-to-peer

The second type is peer-to-peer. Where each host can be a server and also as a client at the same time.

For example, in the archive sharing between devices on the Windows Network Neighbourhood Network, there are 5 devices (we name them A, B, C, D & E) that give access rights to the files they have.

At one time A accesses the archive share based on B named data_nilai.xls and also gives the archive access soal_uas.doc to C. When A accesses the archive according to B then A functions as a client and when A gives file access to C then A functions as a server.

The two functions are performed by the A simultaneously, so the network for example is called peer to peer. Network Topology

In networking, topology refers to the layout of connected devices. That said, topology becomes a form or structure of network dreams.

This form itself is not only in sync with tidying up the actual physical location based on network devices. The network topology on the personal computer itself consists of five basic types. Here’s the network topology:1. Bus topology

The bus topology uses cables to be its backbone. The cable serves as a communication medium.

Devices that want to communicate using other devices in the network send broadcast messages via cables that are connected to the two devices. It’s just that the intended recipient who is valid actually got & processed the message earlier.2. Ring topology

In ring topology, each device has 2 neighbors as the purpose of communication. All messages travel through the ring in the same direction. It can be clockwise or antagonistic with clockwork.

If cable damage occurs, this can damage the loop device > reduce network quality. Generally, ring topologies use FDDI, SONET or Token Ring technology.3. Star Topology

The topology has a claimed connection center point with the hub node. The device will connect to the hub using Unshield Twisted Pair (UTP) Ethernet.

The cable that the star topology expects is also more poly than the bus topology. If there is damage, it will only decrease one network access.

The tree topology joins the star topology to form a bus topology. In its simplest structure, only the hub device is directly connected to the bus topology. And each hub serves as a root according to the tree topology.

In the mesh topology, what is considered the concept of a route is introduced. Unlike the previous topology, messages sent on a mesh network can take one of several paths from the resource to the destination. The Internet uses mesh routing. Conclusion

Thus our discussion this time, by knowing what a computer network is & its advantages, hopefully we can understand more in utilizing its existence for many purposes.

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