What Is A Computer Network? Here’s What It Means And Functions

In global technology and computer science, we often hear the term personal computer network. where the term is closely related to using a computerized system that poly applied in today’s digital world. For personal computer friends who check a lot about personal computer technology, they will certainly not be unfamiliar with using this one term. However, for friends who are still just learning, of course, they will be looking for news about what a personal computer network is and what is the function of the computer network itself?.

For this reason, on this occasion I will give a review of the meaning of a complete computer network using its benefits. Ok than we linger – long let’s be exclusive in the topic of the review.

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What Is A Computer Network? The following is the Definition and Function of Computer NetworksUnderstanding Computer Networks

A personal computer network is a system in which there are still two or more personal computer devices that are interconnected as a result of being able to work together using one another in the process of exchanging data & facts, requesting and placing services between computers and other connected devices.

In a computer network, devices that play the role of requesting services or services are claimed to use clients and devices that act as service providers or services are claimed to use servers. The concept based on the client server network is widely applied in almost all applications of personal computer networks.

The concept of computer networks was first discovered in the 1940s where at that time the BELL laboratory worked together using the Havard University research group that worked on the MODEL I computer development project. So it can save time, resources & of course porto. Until finally the development of computer network technology is relatively complex and can be used in various fields, for example the case that we know today.

In a personal computer network, the connected personal computer devices require a network card which is then connected to a wired or wireless transmission medium. And if a personal computer friend wants to create a wider and more complex computer network, other devices are needed, such as Hubs, Switches, Bridges, Routers, Repeaters and so on.

From the reviews above, computer friends must have had an idea of the meaning of the computer network itself. And below are some of the functions of a personal computer network can be used as a source of knowledge & news for personal computer friends wherever they are. Computer Network Functions

The function of computer networks that are widely implemented is to be a medium for making resources, both from computer power in the form of software and hardware. Several models of implementing computer network functions become a vehicle for spreading resources, including data sharing, implementation sharing, printer sharing, storage media sharing & so on.

two. Data and information security

The function of this personal computer network plays a lot of roles in individuals, forums, agencies or companies. This is due to the importance of data or coverage, especially in today’s digital era. Personal computer networks provide protection and certainty that data or news is not lost when distributed.

By creating a computer network, we can save on the cost of using computers for both individuals and corporate agencies. An example of implementation in the world of work is to develop a printer device that can be used for several personal computers on a network.

The relatively well-known function of computer networks used in almost all fields is to be a communication medium, using a computer connected to the network we can chat, video call, and even video conference. We can also develop information with computer network media to all connected devices.

If we already have a computer network, the process of transferring data based on one device to another becomes easier and faster and requires other storage media such as a pendrive or external hard disk.

By using a personal computer network, computers have the ability to share data to several computer devices at once. So that the risk of data loss can be minimized.

That’s a review of the meaning of a personal computer network, complete with the functions of the personal computer network itself. Hopefully, the review above can answer the question of what is a personal computer network? who may have just learned. See you again on the topic of the next computer personal technology review.

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