What Is a PC (Personal Computer) and Its Components

Personal computer or better known as PC is a word that has been familiarly heard, especially in modern times. The existence of a PC certainly greatly facilitates all human work, from getting news to managing information or data.

But, what are the supporting components in it, so that the PC as one of the devices is needed today? Here Rumahweb discusses more about what a PC is through this article! What Is a PC?

PC is an abbreviation according to Personal computer, which is a word that refers to an electronic device for cooking data & generating facts according to the user’s command.

As the name implies, a PC is a device that is generally used by individuals or individuals. A PC is an electrical device that can be found at home as a personal need, school or office, even a shopping center, so that the specifications given are compound, in sync with needs.

As previously stated, PCs really help their users to complete tasks & jobs easily and easily. What are the Functions of a PC?

In addition to facilitating user work, PCs also offer several other functions including: 1. Input Data (Entering Data)

The PC functions to get data or news according to the outside, either based on other devices or news generated based on the internet. Information is obtained because there is user activity through the hardware used.two. Processing Data

The second function of the PC is to process data or news processed by a computer, so that it is able to produce articles, images, videos, graphics, and others.three. Data Retention

With a PC, users can store data or facts as needed on internal and external memory. PCs can also help users to find the data they need easily.4. Data Output (Keluaran Data)

The PC will help the user to “enjoy” the output of data processing performed earlier. The output data in question such as audio archives, hardcopy coverage, and so on. PC building components

After knowing the meaning & usefulness of PCs generically, let’s discuss the components that support PC performance as a result of which they can be used to facilitate the work of its users. Some of these components include: 1. Hardware

Hardware or hardware on a PC is one of the main components needed in the preparation of a PC. The hardware in question is a PC device that can be physically reviewed, palpable, & felt.

Hardware consists of 5 supporting parts, namely: Input Device

Input device is a hardware device that functions to enter data and news in the form of articles, videos, audio, images, and others to a personal computer.

Examples: mouse, keyboard, scanner, & more. Process Device (Perangkat Proses)

A process device is a hardware component in a personal computer that runs the process of cooking input data.

Examples: motherboard, VGA, hard drive, CPU & RAM, & others. Output Device

The third hardware on a PC is the result of a device that has a function to display the results of processing data on the personal computer to be given to the user.

Examples: printers, projectors, monitors, and others. Storage Device (Perangkat Penyimpanan)

As the name suggests, the function of the fourth component on a PC is to be a device used to store data or news according to a computer.

Examples: hard disk, flash disk, & optical disk. Peripheral device (Perangkat Tambahan)

This last hardware component is a device that is generally used to connect personal computer devices using the internet network.

Example: modem.two. Software (Perangkat Lunak)

The 2nd component that is expected to support PC performance is software, or commonly known as applications. Unlike hardware, nir applications can be physically seen & palpable.

Software is a system that works in hardware by processing all commands or instructions given in a personal computer, as a result of which the physical is not palpable to the human senses.

The software consists of several supporting elements: Operating System

The operating system, or commonly known as the OS, functions to control or organize all components on the computer, starting from the way the computer chooses to store archives, maintain security, to communicate with peripherals.

Examples: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, & so on. Programming Language (Bahasa Pemrograman)

A programming language is an application that allows users to give commands in a language that is understood by the personal computer.

For example, JavaScript, Python, PHP, & other languages. Application Program

Implementation software is a program whose use is intended for an exclusive field, because it is written using a specific programming language.

Examples: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, and many more. Utility (Auxiliary Software)

Utility is a program that is used as an additional tool to help the operating system on a personal computer.

Examples: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, various antivirus applications, and others.three. Brainware

Users or users who use a PC to process & give instructions on a computer are claimed to be brainware. In this component, the user or person also takes part in designing and managing the system on the personal computer so that it can be used in synchronous needs.

More details about brainware can be read through the article: Find Out What Brainware Is And Examples

It can be concluded that a PC is a device that is able to make it easier for users to complete work, even the selection can be adjusted to their needs.

That’s all the lighting based on Rumahweb about what a PC is to its components. May it be useful!

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